Meteora Vinegar Industry

Agri Trikala is an agricultural cooperative for processing and trading agricultural products made by farmers based in Trikala region or Thessaly in general. Agri Trikala aims to provide quality products and to ensure that farmers of its region have a reliable partner to offer their production.

In 1987 Agri bought a small vinegar factory based between Trikala and Kalampaka and transformed it into a vinegar industry that holds a great percentage of market share in Greece’s vinegar market by producing its own “Meteora Vinegar” brand or by private labels for food supplying chains based in Greece.

Since then, Meteora vinegar industry kept growing on facilities and equipment. The storage building was expanded at the double and new bottling and fully automated machines were bought to cover our clients demands. A new chemical laboratory was created and equipped with analytical instruments for approximately every parameter it should be measured to ensure vinegar’s quality and safety. As a result, it became the choice of food supplying chains on creating their private label vinegar.

At Meteora vinegar industry our primary target is to achieve high levels of quality and food safety. For that we made a transition to the latest quality management system ISO 9001:2015 in June 2018. Our industry is also certified by Lloyd’s with a high grade I.F.S (international food standard) certificate for years and that is something that makes us proud and separate us from some of our competitors.

In order to achieve a high grade global certificate, besides our laboratory for every day checks, accredited laboratories by Hellenic Accreditation System such as Agrolab and Q&Q analysis performs tests on random samples of final product to ensure our commitment to food safety standards and to give us feed back that our laboratory works excellent. As a result, we can provide high quality products and guarantee for your private label products.

Production and bottling capacity Meteora vinegar industry owns as we speak 4 bottling lines that can provide different bottle volumes from 250ml to 5lt. Our products have a wide range of volumes in order to provide more options for our consumers.

For us its a great opportunity and a huge responsibility to continue and to grow this industry, based on its principals such as food quality and safety.

Meteora Vinegar Industry