Golden Figs Kimi

The family business Golden Figs Kimi has been active in the fig production industry for over 5 years, with a wide range of local products, with our crops located in Kalimerianoi, a village at the 3rd kilometer of Kimi, Evia. Focusing on tradition and following faithfully the art we inherited from our ancestors, in combination with the love and passion of our family, we are engaged in the production and drying of Kimi figs. The family of Georgios Vogiatzis, having the experience and art of 5 generations, created the Golden Figs of Kimi, having quality as the main pillar, with the aim of marketing them in Greece and abroad.

Our production

Aiming at the power of tradition, the family business Golden Figs Kimi produces the product in private fields following the traditional drying process with their exposure to the sun during their harvest period, which is done by hand without the use of preservatives so that kimi fig always remains natural product.
What sets our figs apart and makes them unique is that before they are placed in the sun to dry, the fresh fig is torn in half and opened, checked internally so that we always maintain excellent quality and after being sunburned on both sides in the sun, it’s combined with a similar one. This process takes a few seconds and then after the fig is left to dry, the final product is formed in the shape of “8” where it is called Askada from the ancient name of the dried figs “Ischada”.

Our products

The famous dried Golden Figs of Kimi are unique in their kind, recognized as a product with a protected designation of origin.
In addition to dried figs, we also produce products based on Kimi Fig, such as cereal bars, where they will seduce your palate.

Golden Figs Kimi