Our Partners

There is an old saying, “On the 8th day, God needed a caretaker for His garden, so God made a farmer”. At 776 Deluxe, we take pride in choosing our partners. For us, it’s not only a question of quality, but a question of character. We work with people that share our passion for the finest and are always willing to push themselves to achieve it. All our suppliers are local farmers and we are proud to call them partners.

776 Deluxe Food’s network of “partners”, is continuously updated as this wide variety of high quality Greek producers and their products (all approved by our team of experts as qualified to be included in our family) enable us to offer increasingly more options to our customers. .

Our Producers

Niarchos Family

Kostas Zogogiannis

Giannis Georgakopoulos

776 cooperating producers for olives

776 cooperating producers for Juices

Hellas Quality Foods

N. Onassis S.A


Meteora Vinegar Industry

Fyllo Factory

Amvrosia Gourmet

Pitenis Bros

Dear Greece

Tsiknakis Family

Golden Figs Kimi


Η.Ε. Idalio Foods