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776 Deluxe Foods is a Greece-USA based curator of fine Greek food products.

2022 Sofi Award

776 Deluxe – A table story

Our story is a table story. It began with a group of friends; Manolis, Michalis, Giannis, Dimitris and later on Christos, meeting around a table with fine food, talking and sharing ideas much like ancient times.

Such meetings are a fundamental part of Greek culture. Remember Plato’s “Symposium”? It is because good food makes us open up and have conversations that lead to great ideas. It was then when the group realized that the concept of sharing both food and ideas should be shared with the rest of the world, and much like another Greek idea that travelled far beyond Greek borders, the Olympics, 776 Deluxe was born.

776 BC was the year the Olympics were born. A concept that changed radically the way ancient city-states compete. Instead of war, they faced each other in the sports arena. Of course, sports were not “invented” in 776 BC, they were already a major part of everyday life, what the Olympics did however was redefine the purpose of sports. The Olympics fundamentally changed the rules and like most great ideas, they were not about creating something new but taking something ordinary or common and changing its meaning. Its perspective. This is our goal, not only to offer good quality food but an experience based on sharing fine food.

Νους υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί. A healthy body, a healthy mind said Hippocrates, and healthy, organic, and high-quality food is all the body needs. Mediterranean cuisine has been synonymous to a healthy diet for thousand years and as of this day, we hope 776 Deluxe will become synonymous to your diet.

So, join us in this new experience. We will be honored to have a place at your table.

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Michalis Panagiotou

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